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My very own site, finally!

I have wanted to create a website for my writing for quite some time, but I somehow never got to it. There was always one excuse after another but finally, here I am with my very own website, and to my own surprise, a blog within the site. I have never been a blogger (except for that one semester in undergrad where we were all required to make a blog about popular culture for a popular culture class). I have always been terrified of the commitment I assumed blogging would be. But here I am, with this blog, and no idea what I want to say. Perhaps I will post some writing that I have never published. Perhaps, I will post nothing at all. Wish me luck!

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1 commentaire

18 juin 2020

Aaawwww nice. You will find a good use of this soon. “The road to excellence is always under construction.”

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