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My Mother Tongue

I am very excited to share this poem which found a home in Brittle Paper. I have always loved Brittle Paper, and this is the first time my writing is featured on the site. This poem has had quite a long journey. I have been writing it in pieces for some time, reading it, and changing it over and over. I think, I finally found the confidence to share it with the world after getting some feedback from the Waka Poetry Meet in Dar es Salaam in June. Even though I have been writing for a while, I still rely on peer feedback and support. I am grateful for all the poetry and writing communities I belong to. As I share this poem here, I just wanted to briefly reflect on the role of community in my writing. I owe so much of my achievements to the writing communities that have nurtured me. Thank you!

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1 commentaire

hana ghani
hana ghani
24 juil. 2023

Dear Komba. I came across your very interesting story "I am not my Skin." Realistic ans painful at the same time. I read it and visit your site. What you have written about rejection in "An Ode ..." is really encouraging. Thank you.


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